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How to stop hunger pains without eating:

Pressure points are a natural and drug free way to help control your appetite. They have been used for thousands of years in Asia to improve health and channel energy. While pressure points alone will not cause you to lose weight, when combined with a program of diet and exercise, they can be a big help. Locate the pressure point in front of your ear where it meets your head. There is a small piece of cartilage sticking out at the front of the ear canal. Pinch this piece of cartilage between your thumb and index finger for two to three minutes. This will help dispel your appetite.

Find the pressure point on the inside of your leg just above your ankle. Place four fingers above the bone that sticks out in your ankle. Press the point just above that on the back of the bone. This is the pressure point for the spleen. It helps with digestion. You should not use this pressure point if you are pregnant.

Bend your knee in front of you. Place four fingers at the bottom of your knee cap. Press the point directly beneath your fingers on the outside of the shin bone. This pressure point is for the stomach and helps decrease appetite.

Locate the pressure point on the outside of the shin. It is midway between the knee and the ankle. This is stomach pressure point number 40. It is important in the elimination of waste and weight loss. Bend your arm at a 45 degree angle. Notice the line that forms in the skin on the inside of the elbow. Press the point at the bottom of the crease on the outside of the arm. You will feel a sharp pain but it will pass quickly. Work the pressure in a circular motion. This is a pressure point for the large intestine. It regulates the function of your large intestine and helps eliminate heat and waste from the body.

Technique to Subside the Hunger

This one of the weight loss tips will help you to subside the hunger, which is getting out of depression. Try massaging the point just below the root of the nail on the little finger of your left hand if you are about to binge because you are depressed. Start on the ring-finger side of the little finger and massage with your right hand toward the outside of the little for 10 seconds.

Massage the point two-finger widths below the knuckle at the base of the index finger and half a finger width toward the thumb if your appetite increases due to stress. Massage the point on both hands with your thumb. This one of the weight loss tips can help you a lot in reducing your hunger. Massage the point halfway between your navel and breastbone in a circular motion for 10 seconds with your thumb if you get a hollow, hungry feeling at the pit of your stomach. The hunger pangs should subside right way with this particular one of the weight loss tips. Finger pressure is the final breakthrough in weight loss. Finally, you can shed the weight you want to using a fast, simple and healthy methods of weight loss tips. Article Source

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